Our Business

Our facility is equipped with 5 lift areas, including a drive-in area for fast and efficient diagnosis of your Land Rover, as well as an area for welding and fabrication  The Cityside team services our clients Land Rovers with the latest equipment on the market.  They are trained with the latest software for the Autologic and the Land Rover T4 Computer, Both the Autologic and the T4 allow us to access fault diagnosis of the many computer systems in your Land Rover.
Cityside Garage is an alternative to the Land Rover dealer with systems to diagnose, repair and return your Land Rover to the road. Cityside Garage can perform all the services in the Land Rover service manual, the technicians will perform the service and any other repairs the vehicle needs. Alan will come up the proper estimate and inform the owner about the needed repairs and discuss with them all the repairs and their options for making the repairs now or any future repairs that the Land Rover may need.

We welcome all inquires you may have about your Land Rover. 

The Team

Bob: Owner/ Tech


TJ: Owner/ Tech


Matt: Tech



Dianne: Secretary